Arthur C. Clarke – Imperial Earth


Pocket, engelstalig

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ISBN 0330250043

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Imperial Earth

Colonists from the entire solar system converhe on the mother planet for the 2276 celebrations.

Duncan Makenzie, scientist-administrator from the underground colony of Titan, one of the outer moons of Saturn, has a delicate mission to perform – for his planet, his family and himself…

‘Crammed with fascinating gimmicks; polyominoes, asymptotic drives, joy machines, gold reefs, very long radio waves, free fall sex and much else. Each novelty is utterly plausible, as if its introduction into our lives were absolutely inevitable. The administering of these minute fixes of cultural shock is an essential part of SF, and no one does it better than Arthur Clarke’ – TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT


‘A polished gem…a winner’-DAILY MIRROR

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