Isaac Asimov – The Foundation Trilogy – Complete & unabridged



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The Foundation Trilogy

In this landmark of imaginative fiction, winner of a special Hugo Award as Best All Time Science Fiction Series, Asimov has brilliantly conceived a whole new world for mankind, set far in the future and spanning a period of more than a thousand years. The beginning of the epic, Foundation, describes how one man creates a new force for civilised life as the old Galactic Empire crumbles into barbarism. Foundation and Empire is the story of the mighty conflict for mastery of the stars between these two major powers. In Second Foundation  a new and even more terrifying threat to the future arises in the form of a dangerous mutant, capable of manipulating men’s minds and destroying the universe…

The Stars, Like Dust

A masterpiece of suspense and drama: Biron Farril sets out on a dangerous quest through the galaxies to find ‘Rebellion World’, and it’s key to man’s future peace.

The Naked Sun

Earth’s very existence is at stake when a murder takes place on power-hungry Solaria. One of the greatest detective stories in the science fiction canon.

I, Robot

The classic vision of a future where robots are so sophisticated that mankind is threatened with redundancy.

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