Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson – Dune – House Artreides


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ISBN 0553110616


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Frank Herbert’s Dune chronicles became an enduring classic and the bestselling science fiction series of all time. Now, capturing all the complexity and grand themes of the original work, this prequel to Dune weaves a new tapestry of great passion and momentous destiny, in a saga that expands the tale written by Frank Herbert more than thirty years ago. Beginning nearly four decades before Dune, House Artreides introduces the pivotal characters, alliances, base treacheries, and bright hopes that form the foundation of Dune.

Fans of the Dune chronicles will relish the opportunity to return to the rich and exotic universe created by frank Herbert, while new readers will be introduced to an incomparable imagination – and a future where the fate of the entire cosmos is at stake…

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