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Set in the same brilliantly imagined post-apocalyptic world as Will Baker’s outstanding first novel of tomorrow, Shadow Hunter, STAR BEAST is a totally compelling epic of intrigue, conflict and passion in a violent, complex future that is recognizably rooted in our own unstable times.

After wars and ecological catastrophes have devastated whole regions of the Earth, most men and women have retreated into high-tech hive-cities. In the dangerous Wasteland outside, a strange new hybrid version of humanity, the Pobla, has established itself precariously, avoiding as far as possible contact with conventional homo sapiens civilization. With good reason: in the past, regular mankind has displayed distinctly genocidal impulses towards the Pobla.

But now the Pobla are, bizarrely, flocking in droves to death-camps on the frontiers of ordinary humanity’s domain. Why this should be so is just the first of the fascinating and explosive mysteries in this enthralling novel of a time only a few generations from now…

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