Kevin J. Anderson – Of fire and night



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The saga of seven suns BOOK FIVE

Discover the fifht momentous event in the epic space opera of THE SAGA OF THE SEVEN SUNS

After many years of hardship and bravery, the human race faces its greatest challenge. The sweeping war between titanic races – a conflict that has obliterated planets, extinguished entire stars, exterminated whole races – is reaching its end game. Allies become betrayers, strangers become fast friends, and enemies clash in a struggle that will rock the galaxy.

As the climactic battle is engaged, the Ildiran Solar Navy, the Earth Defence forces, the Roamers, green priests, Klikiss robots, and hydrogue warglobes collide in a fury that will destroy many and change the landscape of the Spiral Arm forever.

‘A realm of wondrous possibilities…A fascinating series’ – BRIAN HERBERT

‘Sure-footed, suspenseful and tragic…an exhilarating experience’ – LOCUS

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